Train, Relax & Learn with Peak

Peak users report a positive impact in their daily life.
Peak at Work aims to bring this impact to the office.
We target:

Focus, working memory and multitasking

Focus, working memory & multitasking

Brain elasticity and ability to learns

Brain elasticity & ability to learn

Relaxation and readiness to engage

Relaxation & readiness to engage

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Boost Wellbeing

Boost Wellbeing

Peak offers over 45 games to train 7 cognitive functions – problem solving, language, memory, mental agility, focus, coordination and emotion. With our app’s suite of brain training games, we aim to help employees relax and learn to learn, boosting their sense of purpose and overall wellbeing.

The Science

The science behind Peak is based on the concept of Neuroplasticity – ie the brain can change over time, responding to challenges. Peak’s neuroscientists learn from ongoing research in this area, and it works with academics to develop specific games and conduct research to understand the impact of cognitive training.

Check our science page to learn more »

Supporting Studies
Supporting Studies

Positive Impact

In a recent survey of Peak users*, 88% of employed users perceived a positive impact from playing Peak. Users also perceived an improvement across a number of specific areas, including:

  • Focus (62%)
  • Memory (55%)
  • Problem solving (52%)

*Survey of US/UK users in August 2018 with 5003 respondents

Peak Partnerships

Peak has trialled its solution with groups of employees in a number of large organizations, where we have provided a customised co-branded product to a sample of staff, and helped gain user feedback and insights. Companies are given access to a dashboard providing insights into user behaviour.

It was great working with the Peak team - they were always responsive, and made it easy to provide a sleek and enjoyable experience to our staff. … [It was] a big success, with Danoners happy and engaged with the initiative.

Clémentine Morin, Fluid Intake Scientist, Danone Nutricia Research